Did you know that summer is a fantastic time of year to sell your home? With the housing market still in steady boom, gone is the notion that springtime is the best time to sell. Things have changed.

No longer do businesses shut up shop with a ‘Gone Fishing’ sign over the summer months. Post pandemic, with an increasing number of Britons opting to avoid the airport queues and remain at home in Blighty, moving chains are less interrupted, whilst for those holidaying abroad, WiFi and virtual viewings mean house seekers can continue their search for a dream home from the comfort of their sunlounger.

All of this is great news if you have been thinking of selling your home. In fact, there are many benefits to selling in summer. Your garden is looking lush, the longer days allow more hours for viewers to visit and see your home in the sunlight and – let’s face it – the sunshine puts us all in a sunnier mood – including viewers.

With all this in mind, here are our top tips to help you maximise the magic of summer to your selling potential.

1. Captivate with kerb appeal


If you’re in a footfall area, capitalise on the increased footfall during the warm weather to catch the eye of potential viewers as they walk by.

Ensure your front door is clean, cobweb free and freshly painted. The same goes for any fences or walls. If you have a front lawn, keep it neatly mowed and weeded, with a well swept path. Finish with a burst of colour by the front door, in planters or hanging baskets.

2. Capture the season


Already on the market? Make sure the photographs on the online portals are up to date with the season. Sunnier days mean your marketing can get an instant uplift from fresh photos showcasing the natural daylight, boosting the brightness in each room.

Consider staging a couple of photographs with seasonal props such as a bowl of strawberries on the kitchen counter, or a jug of Pimms and two icy glasses on the patio table.

3. Play the Happy Families Card


Summer means one thing: increased family time. As such, it’s unsurprising that many homebuyers come to the market looking for a home that better suits their family. Think of the ways in which your home can use this to its benefit. Large lawn? Direct your viewers to it. Spacious open-plan family kitchen-dining room? Highlight it.

4. Accessorise for summer


Particularly important for viewings, when stepping in from the blazing sunshine, your home needs to strike the right balance through clever accessorising. Whilst you want your home to feel warm and inviting, it should also be an oasis that transcends the seasons.

Retain the throw on the end of your sofa but replace the dark blue woollen blanket for a soft pink cashmere throw. Pop a few sprigs of lavender into an old jam jar filled with water and place it by your bed.

5. Glorify your garden


Thanks to our unpredictable English summers of downpours and heatwaves, your garden has probably never looked as lush. However, this doesn’t mean you can take your eye off the ball.

Mowing must be maintained, weeding kept on top of, and overzealous vines and trailers cut back. If you’re struggling to manage it, consider employing a local gardener.

Don’t forget to invest in some lifestyle items to entice viewers to linger in your garden oasis, such as a bistro set (temptingly laid with a slice of cake and refreshing jug of ice-cold traditional lemonade).

6. Clean Windows


Windows are the eyes to your home’s soul; and you’re unlikely to win over viewers if your home has cataracts.

Murky windows not only prevent the light from entering and obscure the views out, but they hint at a lack of cleaning that might run deeper. The unforgiving sunlight makes it all the more important to clean them to a sparkle.

The same goes for worktops, mirrors, glass balustrades and any reflective surface in the house.

With summer now in full swing, get set for an influx of viewings!

Good luck, and for any further tips on advice as to how we can help you get summer selling ready, get in touch.


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