As energy prices rise, are you wondering how you can make your home feel warmer and more comfortable this winter? Here are 6 top tips for making your home feel cosy while keeping your energy bills down.

As temperatures fall and energy bills rise here in the UK, the prospect of maintaining a cosy and inviting home this winter is particularly pertinent if you are on the market, or if you are considering selling your home.

With increasing numbers of people adamant that they won’t be turning on their heating when the barometer drops, the question on everybody’s lips becomes: how can we dial up the warmth and comfort in our homes without dialling up the thermostat?

Here are our six simple suggestions to help you create a cosy home for buyers (and for yourself) without breaking the bank.

Ambient lighting


Nothing says ‘warm welcome’ quite like the right lighting. An often overlooked element of a home, lighting is a major player in creating that first impression on viewings.

In all walks of life, lighting serves a purpose. Think of the bright lights of supermarkets and public buildings – they’re functional and do their job but don’t feel very warm or inviting. Now, picture the low-key lighting in pubs and restaurants – designed to make you feel warm, cosy and relaxed and to encourage you to stay a while longer…

This idea has the same effect in your home. Put the ‘big light’ on when you’re looking for something, but when it’s time to settle in for a cosy evening or to welcome potential buyers over the threshold, use table or floor lamps to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

As well as making your home feel cosier for buyers, using just the lights you need rather than all the lights you have, can save you pounds on your electricity bill.

Splash out on darker colours


Contrary to popular opinion, the use of dark colours in our decorating schemes can really help in our quest to create a cosy home that buyers will love. Deep blues are associated with a sense of tranquility and calm, whilst grey has shed its dreary image for a trendy association with the popular ‘Scandi’ style of décor.

Searching Pinterest for ‘warm living rooms’ brings reams of inspiration. The current trend for deep blue or green walls, alongside earthy tones, gives rise to rooms awash with snug warmth and cosy cheer. You can infuse brightness and personality through your accent colours, creating rooms that feel intimate and enveloping but still maintain a sense of fun.

Calming candles

Calming candles

Whether you love coloured lanterns, tiny tealights or aromatherapy candles that fill your room with your favourite scents, candles are a wonderful way to make a room feel warm and welcoming for viewers.

Adding them to your dining table creates a warm atmosphere evocative of special occasion meals. Lighting them in the bathroom elevates bathing to a spa-like experience. Set a few twinkling in the background of the lounge or beside the log burner to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for viewers whilst saving your logs.

Cosy curtains


Regardless of the age of your windows, thick, lined curtains can make a world of difference to the warmth of your rooms. As well as keeping out draughts in older properties, thick curtains also reduce heat lost through the glass in any home, helping to keep warm air in your rooms for longer.

Choosing curtains in a heavy fabric can help continue a feeling of warmth in your decorating scheme – think rich, velvet or wool fabrics in deep, warm colours.

Snuggle up on the sofa

Snuggle up on the sofa

As well as adding thick, luxurious curtains to your rooms, blankets are also a wonderful way to create a feeling of warmth and relaxation. Blankets are a signature part of the ‘hygge’ look. Draped over the back of your favourite chair or folded in a basket for when they’re needed, blankets add a stylish look to your rooms and help viewers feel warm and cosy in your home…imagining snuggling up on cold days.

Beautiful blankets are available for all budgets and aesthetics. Whether you love fluffy fleece blankets from the high street or handwoven wool from local artisans, there are blankets available to suit your style and your pocket.

A treat for your feet


Stepping onto a soft, warm surface is a sure fire way to make your rooms feel relaxing and cosy as the seasons change.

As well as the wonderful softness you feel when walking into a carpeted room, carpets and rugs are great floor insulators. They reduce heat loss and, along with your other soft furnishing, they deaden sound. This helps make your rooms feel quieter and more relaxed.

If carpeting a room is too big a stretch for your budget, rugs can be a great alternative in creating a welcoming environment for buyers. They’re also easy to move, so if you feel like changing the look of a room, changing the rug can have a big impact.

For more ideas on how to get your home warmed up for winter viewings, or if you are considering selling your home this winter, be sure to contact us or drop into our office for a mug of hot chocolate.


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