Who can forget the tender scene in The Sound of Music, when the beautiful Baroness concedes defeat in the battle for the Baron Von Trapp’s heart, to the homely charms of Maria, stating that: “there’s nothing more irresistible to a man than a woman who’s in love with him”. But did you know a similar principle is also true for your home?

We say, there’s nothing more irresistible to a buyer than a home that is clearly well loved and cherished by its current owner.

It’s simple human psychology; when something is well loved, it grows in beauty to the masses – ask any social media influencer and they’ll confirm this!

As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, it’s time to put Cupid’s bow to work to your advantage and play matchmaker for your home in time for spring.

It’s only natural that just as in any relationship, the longer you have lived in your home, the less tuned in you are to some of its less desirable features: unkempt lawn, the odd dandelion poking through the patio, dated curtains, cluttered side tables and peeling paintwork.

Just as if you were to launch an online dating ad for yourself, your home deserves a decent makeover and new outfit before you flaunt it all over Rightmove. After all, first impressions count as we all know.

Make a dazzling first impression


While your love for your home goes more than skin deep, on a speed-date, you rarely get time to share some of your hidden depths, just as on a viewing it’s not guaranteed that the buyer will be standing in the front bedroom window in the golden hour as the sun sets over Holcombe Hill, basking the landscape in breathtaking colour. Instead, the buyer is more likely to notice the black mould in the shower, the cracked paving flag on the driveway or the scuffed paintwork on the playroom skirting board.

A lick of paint can go a long way – and for small jobs, a touch up using a tester pot can save pennies. If the job is bigger, consider saving yourself a lot of time and headaches by outsourcing to a reputable painter and decorator. Trust us – the initial outlay will be worth it when it helps to win the heart of a buyer. If your living room looks well-loved and in perfect condition, the buyer will know you respect and enjoy your home. They may also wonder how many other viewers have fallen in love with it!

Stash away the evidence


No one shows photographs of their ex on a first date. And if they do, it’s safe to say there won’t be a second date. The same can be said for your home. Whilst you want to convey the deep love you have for your home in the way it is cared for and looked after, displaying a catalogue of your family photographs from birth to first day at school, graduation and marriage to first grandchildren can ruin a potential buyer’s mojo – how can they picture their new life with your home with constant reminders of someone else’s past? The same goes for any other clutter lying about; now is the perfect time for a new year clear out. Bag up anything that no longer sparks joy and plot a course to the charity shop, recycling centre or pop it on Vinted.

Sparkle to impress


When preparing for a first date, a shower, freshly laundered, smart clothes and the subtle application of aftershave or perfume are par for the course. Take these rules and apply them to preparing your home for market and you’re sure to win over your buyer.

Now is the time to deep clean your home; wash windows inside and out, take down dusty curtains and drop them off at the dry cleaners and take a toothbrush to the grouting of the bathroom tiles.

Pre-viewings, it’s last-minute mirror checks. Pull out all the stops to perfect the look: smooth out the wrinkles in the freshly made beds (neutral bedding – preferably white is always a winner); draw back the curtains; opt for soft lighting; make sure the house is freshly aired; remove any clutter from kitchen worktops; freshly cut flowers in the living room; flush the toilets and light a couple of scented candles (nothing too overpowering – keep it simple).

Devoting this much care and attention to your home will help you remember why you fell in love with it in the first place, and it could help a whole new romance to blossom between your home and its new buyer.


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