From newborn lambs frolicking and frisking in fields to banks filled with snowdrops and crocuses, there is no doubting that springtime is upon us once more.

As the trees and bulbs begin to emerge from their winter sleep, it’s time for homeowners to yawn and stretch from their winter hibernation and take stock of their surroundings.

So many would-be sellers wait until springtime to put their homes on the market; after all, it’s when the garden bursts into colour, making those all-important Rightmove photographs sing.

If you have been waiting until now to put your home up for sale, here are a few top tips to help prepare you for a springtime launch.

Spring into spring cleaning


It wouldn’t be spring without a little elbow grease, so don your marigolds and reach for the antibacterial wipes, because nothing sells faster than a home that sparkles.

Although the cleanliness of your home may not be the factor that wins a buyer’s heart, a clean and fresh-smelling home will create a lasting impression upon a buyer, helping them feel at home and comfortable, and perhaps even picture themselves living there.

Begin by sorting through clutter. Sides, worktops and tables should be free of items, bric-a-brac and mess. Spring is a fantastic time to take stock of your possessions ahead of moving home. For that extra feel-good factor, donate unwanted items to a local charity, or alternatively raise a little extra money by offering items for sale at local sell-and-seek groups.

Give your garden some love


Over the dark, damp winter months, your garden may well have become a no-go zone. With lighter evenings now upon us, venture out into your garden and take stock of areas that need a little TLC.

Weeding borders, mulching rose beds and power washing patios and footpaths will all help ensure photographs capture your garden at its best. Pay particular attention to the front of your home, which will of course be the first influencing factor on potential buyers.

Forget to plant those spring bulbs this winter? Why not consider investing in a pre-planted tub of daffodils and crocuses for the front garden to help your home stand out?

Lighter nights – brighter windows


Cocooned indoors for the duration of winter, curtains drawn and fire blazing, your living room probably felt like a cosy burrow. Now, with lighter, longer evenings, this same homely hideaway may well be feeling a little dingy.

Rooms lacking in natural light require a little more imagination than others, with well positioned lamps to add subtle soft lighting for those dusk viewings. However, an even simpler approach is to pay attention to anything with a glass surface.

Log burners can often sit neglected after that final fire of the season; yet they are often items viewers like to take a closer look at. Be sure to clear any old ash and polish the glass of the stove. A great hack for removing scorch marks is to simply dip a wet cloth in old ash and wipe the glass, removing stains with ease.

Scrub windows both outside and in to allow a constant flow of natural light. Even smaller rooms can appear bright with the addition of a well-placed mirror and a cheerful colour scheme.

An eye for detail


When it comes to selling your home, give as much consideration to the finer elements as you would if you were viewing the dream home you are looking to move on to.

This means paying close attention to the mundane aspects of your home you rarely ever think about…until they go wrong.

Cleaning gutters, scrubbing limescale and black mould from bathroom taps and showerheads, looking for leaks and listening for bubbles and blockages in radiators by bleeding them are all great springtime jobs for those preparing to go on the market.

Call in for a cuppa


With lighter evenings upon us, why not call into our brand-new office for a cup of tea (or glass of fizz) and chat with us about all things springtime. We’d love to help you get moving this springtime.


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