Are you sitting comfortably, in your dream home? If not, why not? Spring has officially arrived, lambs are bleating, flowers are in bloom, and the housing market is still in full boom.

Now is the time to start picturing that dream home. What does it look like? Is it larger than your current home, or maybe a little smaller? Is it a period property, with cosy fires and original features, or is it a modern masterpiece of open-plan spaces and glass garden rooms? Is it in the centre of a friendly village or surrounded by green fields and rolling countryside?

There has never been a time like the present to visualise yourself in that perfect property. If the mist of winter is still hanging over you, it’s time to spring into action and leave that snoozy December cocoon of hibernation behind you. Here are our six top tips for getting in the right mindset to sell:

1. Investigate


Let’s warm up first. No need to even leave the sofa for this one, simply open your smart phone or laptop and start surfing the web. Consider what the ideal location means to you. Is it close to schools and playgrounds, parks and bus routes, art galleries and restaurants or away from it all without an A-road in sight? Why not check out the Sunday Times Best Places to Live in the UK list for inspiration. See what some of these locations offer that appeals to you and look in your own locale to see if you can connect the dots.

2. Declutter


One unpleasant thing that can keep you from ever contemplating selling your home is the thought of packing. Particularly if you have lived in the same home for a number of years. It’s natural for us to accumulate possessions, presents and mementos over the years. But there’s never a better time for a spring clean than, well, springtime!

It can be a daunting prospect, but the relief that comes from a good clear out is immeasurable. Declutter in stages, taking it one room at a time. Once you’ve made a checklist and cleared out the non-essentials, implement a one-in, one-out policy to ensure that when it is time to move, your home is ready and raring for the for-sale sign.

3. Prepare yourself


Perhaps it’s taken you a long time to take the step to sell your home because you have been waiting for your dream house to come on the market. However, once you’ve made that decision to market your home, before you prepare your home for viewings, prepare yourself for the important process of emotionally detaching from it.

Homes are selling faster than ever, and while you may anticipate the prospect of having ample time to pack up and say a long goodbye, there is every possibility that your home may sell far faster than you anticipated.

4. Bathrooms and kitchens


If you’re thinking about selling your home, replacing bathrooms and kitchens is an unnecessary expense. However, these are two of the most important rooms for a buyer when considering your home, so it is important to do what you can to spruce them up without breaking the bank.

If your bathroom is looking dated, consider what can be done to give it a lift. Carpet in bathrooms is a no-no. Consider ripping it out and laying some low-cost lino or laminate for a crisp, neutral and hygienic appeal.

De clutter your kitchen of toasters, kettles and other countertop appliances for viewings. For kitchens and bathrooms alike, sparkling shine is essential to a sale, so do ensure both are well-scrubbed, even hiring a cleaner for a deep clean for that diamond shine finish.

5. Give the garden some love


You may have missed your garden over the winter months, but guess what? Your garden has missed you more! Now that the evenings are getting lighter, the hard frosts are (hopefully) behind us and spring warmth is in the air, it’s time to give your garden a little TLC.

Weed the borders, aerate and scarify the lawn and give your patio the power wash it has been craving. When the weather is warm enough, plant out bedding plants. Give your patio furniture and cushions a wash ready for sunny days…and photoshoots.

6. Look a little closer


It’s sometimes tricky to see your home’s weak points; after all, you look at the same walls day in day out…it’s natural that your eyes start to skip past some of its less loveable features. The floorboard with a squeak on the landing that you unconsciously step over, the crack in the plaster on the spare bedroom wall from the time you moved the bed around, the fingerprint smudges on the kitchen wall from that Mother’s Day breakfast your toddler made.

Loveable flaws that you either cherish, or don’t notice, yet possible red flags for a buyer. Ask a trusted friend to give you their honest opinion of five things in your home that could do with a little TLC.

Whether you decide to go on the market or not, our spring sale tricks and tips are sure to get your home looking fresh for the season. And ready to sell, when you decide the time is right.


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