Don’t miss a trick (or treat) when it comes to getting your house styled for a sale this October.

It’s not just the children who are donning spooky costumes and embracing the Halloween spirit this month. Facebook has recently featured posts promoting the neighbourhood ‘Pumpkin Trail’ this October.


How to combat the likelihood of a trick or treating embargo? The idea is for homeowners to display a pumpkin in their window. Youngsters then walk through the village or town, on the look-out for pumpkins.

However, for savvy homeowners considering going on the market, opportunity knocks… Make the most of the increased footfall in your neighbourhood to promote your home!

Gardens are a top priority


Zoopla reported at the end of last year that gardens are a top priority for house-hunters. This summer followed suit with more people spending time in their gardens than ever. There has never been a better time to showcase your outdoor space.

And yes, your garden can still look Spooktacular in October!

The traditional ‘tidy up’ month, there are plenty of outdoor jobs awaiting you in October.

Rake (or on a wet lawn sweep) up any fallen leaves off the grass, poking holes in with a fork for air circulation. October is the last month for mowing, but use a higher setting to keep the lawn protected from frost.

Frost isn’t always bad news. Trim your hedges neatly. Crisp edges look sensational dusted with frost when the temperature drops.

Tidy away garden furniture, or keep it covered. This will prevent weather damage. Also, it will keep your garden and patio looking neat for any passers-by.

Make sure Pumpkin Trail neighbours are in for a treat rather than a trick. If you have a drive or front path, keep them in tip-top condition by weeding, sweeping and jet-washing. Showcase your parking arrangements at their very best this Autumn.

Gutters. They’re never pleasant, but at least you only need to tackle them once a year. Now is that time. Weeds sprouting from the down pipes emits an atmosphere of casual neglect. Don’t leave would-be viewers wondering what else needs attention in your home.

Although unseen for the most part, gutters serve a vital function. They direct water away from your home’s foundations and sidings. Leaks can prove costly and leave stains requiring redecoration. Opt for telescopic gutter brushes, power washers and even hired help instead. All are preferable choices in the long run!

Seasonal lights and decorations


If your home is in a footfall heavy Halloween area, don’t be left out in the cold. Why not go the extra mile this year? Dressing your front garden or driveway in seasonal lights and decorations could impress. Spooky soundtracks will also encourage passers-by to pause and ponder at your home.

There is, of course, a fine line between spooky and scary. Keep the decorations entertaining rather than frightening. After all, who wants to buy a haunted house?

Create a cosy, inviting vibe throughout the autumn months with your window display. Keep your windows sparkling clean inside and out.

Leave the curtains open in the evening. Light the room with ambient illumination from lampshades (avoid the main switch). If you have a log burner, be sure to light it to allow the glow to fill the room with cheer. Also, the smoke from the chimney holds an inviting sensory appeal for those walking or driving by.

Dress your front door for the season


Often overlooked, front doors can be key to capturing interest in your home.

What do Amanda Holden, Rochelle Humes and Stacey Solomon have in common? They all dress their front doors for the season of course!

Wrapping your front door up in ribbon like a Christmas present has been on-trend for the past couple of winters. Now, Stacey has embraced the different seasons with her front door displays.

Take last autumn, for instance. Stacey dressed an archway around the front door with a stunning autumnal floral display of sunflowers and roses. She also placed a seasonal wreath on the front door and pumpkins alongside.

Whether you opt for a Halloween window or chic autumnal door display, make sure you give the neighbours something great to talk about this October. Who knows, it could lead to viewings?

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