An independent, experienced agent can skillfully navigate the complexities of a property sale. Here is why.


A prospective buyer of your property will do their best to hide their feelings and motivations. They may absolutely love your home, but they won’t say this directly to you when negotiating a price. The agent, however, will have greater insights than a private seller. They will know how many other properties the buyer has viewed, what they thought of each one and what the general market conditions are. Combining all these will help both parties reach a deal at the right price.


Us Brits are a (generally..) polite bunch. If a buyer deals directly with a seller both parties will not be completely honest with each other for fear of causing offence. Maybe a buyer hates the decor, maybe the seller thinks their first offer is an insult, maybe the two just don’t get along. This breakdown in communication can scupper any deal. An agent can facilitate this interaction much more diplomatically. They can collect constructive feedback to help a seller improve the saleability of their property and mediate between parties.


Reading People

An important part of an agents role is relating to people. Browsing through properties online is easy and convenient but conducting a property sale requires face-to-face communication. We have all had emails or texts we misread and got the wrong impression, causing an angry reply or fervent emoji. Negotiating a property sale, with all the emotion and investment involved, requires a mediator who can read and understand the true feelings of both parties. Maybe the buyer is keen but a little hesitant to commit, maybe the seller is holding out for just a slightly higher price. A skilled agent can navigate these subtleties for the best outcome all round.


Another stumbling block I find for private sellers is the complexity of a property sale. A negotiation can include everything from furniture to planning permission, as well as completing all the necessary paperwork. Each of these points could scupper a deal. Allow an experienced agent to handle these intricate processes to ensure a smooth sale.


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