Moving house is a significant event in most people’s lives, often happening more than once. If you are considering selling your home, then the first thing to do is get a home valuation booked in.

When it comes to selling your property, it’s crucial to work with a knowledgeable and ideally, local estate agent who can provide an accurate valuation and guide you through the process. It is understandable that if you have never had a house valuation before, you may be unsure or anxious of what to expect. In this blog, we will discuss what homeowners should expect during a valuation appointment and highlight the importance of choosing the right agent.

1. Do your Research


Choosing the right estate agent may have an impact on how quickly your home sells, and what price you achieve, so it’s important to choose wisely.

If you already have your options in mind, or if you don’t, we recommend doing your research ahead of booking a valuation. Look for an estate agent who isn’t too far away, and therefore has the correct knowledge and experience for selling in your area.

An important tip to remember when choosing an agent, or agents, for your valuation is by looking at client reviews. By having a look on their Google Reviews, social media account, website or even asking people you know for recommendations, it can give you a true and unbiased opinion from individuals who have experience with the company. Even if an agent is well known around the area, their client reviews may say something different, and it is important to choose an agent that you are comfortable with using.

When you have decided on one or multiple agents who you would like to value your home, call their office. They may ask you for details about your home, such as recent renovation work, how long you have lived there and what rooms your home contains. This is so that the agent can do the accurate research ahead of your valuation appointment. Prior to the valuation, here at Wainwrights, we research and prepare information using recent sales as well as current property prices in your area. This will give both you, and us, a guide towards what you can expect your property to be valued at.

2. Stress-Free Introductions


At your valuation appointment, a member of the team will arrive at your home for an informal chat.

Your valuation appointment is about familiarising yourself with your prospective agent and what they offer, as much as it is about finding out what price your property is worth. Simply ask whatever questions feel right for you and discover if you think the agent in front of you is the right match for both you and your home. After all, it is likely that you will be in consistent contact for a period of time!

Don’t worry about trying to make your house a show home ahead of your valuation. Experienced estate agents can see past a little bit of clutter or those small jobs you need to finish before putting the house on the market. We would much rather your house is looking ‘show-home standard’ for photoshoot day – not the valuation.

Our valuation appointment will typically last about an hour (sometimes longer if we have a cup of tea), so make sure you set aside enough time; don’t squeeze it into your lunch hour or just before school pick-up time. You are trying to sell your biggest asset, so it’s worth a little bit of time to get to know your agent.

Here are Wainwrights, we like to understand your ‘why’ and once we get to know that it opens up the door to understand how best we can assist in your house moving journey.

3. Advice & Price


A property valuation, simply put, is the process of getting an estimate of what a home is worth at the time of the valuation. Several factors can influence the valuation of a property, such as the size, location and condition of the property itself as well as recent market trends. That is why it is important to have the valuation carried out by an experienced estate agent.

Over a brew, we can discuss your needs and requirements in your moving process. Every valuation is different, so it shouldn’t be a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Agents will likely offer advice, discuss the current market and how their business may be able to help you move on with your next chapter. Every agent has different strategies, so choose the one that suits you and your home best.

Probably the most important part of the visit is getting the valuation figure right. You might have an idea what your house is worth, but the estate agent should have a better idea of where it would sit in the current market.

It’s important to remember that the highest sale price suggested by an agent may not always be the best option if it’s not supported by relevant examples and market data. A knowledgeable agent will provide a realistic and well-substantiated valuation. An over inflated sale price can cost you that all important launch to the market and actually result in missing your ‘ideal’ buyer.

While it may be tempting to choose an agent solely based on the cheapest sales fee, it’s crucial to consider the level of service provided. A lower fee may result in a lower service level, which can impact the marketing and sale of your property. Look for an agent that offers professional photography, well-written property descriptions, bespoke brochure design, accompanied viewings, and consistent communication throughout the process.

4. Let us do the work


Following the initial meeting, we will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing our plan to sell your home and the marketing that we recommend. Here at Wainwrights, we pride ourselves on our marketing; we offer professional photography, well-written property descriptions, bespoke brochure design, accompanied viewings, and consistent communication throughout the process.

If you decide to instruct Wainwrights as your agent, you will be provided with a timeline and guide for how to prepare your home for sale.

Buying and selling property can entail a lot of admin and stress; we are here to minimise that for you. At Wainwrights, we are dedicated to helping you love the experience of moving home and strive to make your journey from valuation, to sale, to purchase, as stress-free as possible.

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