It can be a frustrating time when your home isn’t selling. Here are 5 things to consider aimed at helping you find that elusive buyer.

Have your photos redone


A recent Zoopla poll found 83% of buyers form a poor impression of a property if there is a poor photo in the listing. If you’re relying on the property agent to photograph your home or even taking them yourself, this could really be holding you back.

Photos need to be well lit, with professional equipment and edited in post-production to show off your home in the best way possible.

Styling your home is a hugely important part of the photography process. Everything from sparkingly clean windows to fresh flowers on the dining table needs to be factored in.

Addressing all of this will give you a perfect set of photographs to entice those buyers.

Consider rewriting your property description

It can often feel like homework writing your property description for the marketing material but it is well worth having another look if your home isn’t selling.

Make sure you’re only commenting on the most important and descriptive points. Highlight that sunny spot in the garden great for sunbathing, the tall trees offering privacy or the super cosy fireplace in winter.

Paint a picture of what is it’s like to live in your home, highlighting everything that has made you enjoy it over the years. Big or small, each home has it’s plus points so share them with the world.

Make a great first impression


We are creatures of habit and one of the most stubborn is a first impression. If we start forming a low opinion it quickly becomes hard to dislodge.

This is why ensuring the exterior of the property for sale, especially where any visitors approach from, could be holding you back.

Maybe the driveway needs de-weeding, the garden plants freshening up, the front door and accessories upgrading or a fresh coat of paint to the property. Any of these could help turn that first impression from a no into a yes.

The price could be too high

When it comes to reasons a home isn’t selling, “if it’s not condition, it’s always price.” If you have addressed the previous points and don’t think there is anything else you can do, we’ll have to look at the price.

It is always challenging to come up with an initial valuation with many components making up the final figure. Naturally, you want the best price for your home so it is reasonable to air on the higher side when starting out.

If your home is not selling it may be the time to reducing your asking price and create more traction with buyers. Up to a quarter of sellers reduce their price on average so it is a normal part of the sales process for many.

Your home breaks the mould


So you’ve tidied up your home, produced some great photos and have an appealing price but still not having much luck?

Some properties have features that make it more difficult to find the right buyer. Maybe the location is more isolated than normal, the layout is unique or there is a different combination of rooms. If your home is unusual, you’re probably going to have to wait a little longer for the perfect buyer to show up.

Your marketing material and experience of the agent will also play a key role with more unique properties. They will have experience of more specialised websites, access to a wider range of contacts and be able to promote your property in a more tailored way.

A unique home requires a unique approach to finding a buyer.

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