We understand the journey of moving home can be a challenging one, that’s why we’ve looked at what works well and made it even better.

“Moving home is one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do” – how many times have you heard that comment?

But there’s a reason it has become a cliché. Because moving home is tough. Even the journey toward arriving at the decision to sell itself is fraught with sleepless nights, pros and cons lists, disagreements and debates, cajoling and commiserating, reminiscing and rejoicing. After all, you love your home, even if it is time to move on.

So surely now you’ve arrived at the decision to sell, things should start to get easier, right?

Yes, they should. But all too often, they don’t. That’s because moving can be expensive, it is undoubtedly exhausting and above all else, it can be emotionally overwhelming.

There are thousands of movers across the country feeling the same apprehensions as you are. The good news is, you’re not alone in this. Consider Wainwrights to be your comfort blanket in the moving process.

Unpacking the process


We understand that your home is more than bricks and mortar. It’s the cherry tree in the front garden that is the first on the street to blossom in spring. It’s the neighbours who keep an eye on the comings and goings and sign for parcels when you’re on holiday. It’s the cloud inversion over the fields behind your house on those crisp autumn mornings. It’s where you brought up your family.

Whatever your reason for moving, we never underestimate the emotional impact arriving at that decision has. That’s why we are on hand, 24-7, to discuss any aspect of the home moving process with you, right down to creating a moving timeline to help you prepare for the steps ahead.

A helping hand

After all, it’s the little things that matter; like the wobbly stool your eldest made in design technology class all those years ago. Look around and see the mementos of a happy home you’ve built up around you. Simply contemplating moving all these items can feel overwhelming.

We know you don’t move home every day; but we do. Let us take the initiative: we know the best places to source cardboard boxes, we’re friends with all the friendliest removal companies. This may be the first time you’ve moved home since the internet took control of all our interactions; if you’re unfamiliar with using web-based booking platforms, allow us to take that weight off your shoulders. We won’t introduce you to a mortgage adviser unless that’s something you feel might be helpful.

One size does not fit all, in our eyes, which is why our approach is person centred. Not client centred, person centred. Your home is not a statistic, it is your home. It’s Christmas morning in front of the tree in the lounge. Late summer evenings on the patio with friends. Even though you’ve made the decision to move on, leaving familiar places and faces can be a heart-wrenching experience.

Cherished memories preserved


The memories you have made at your home serve twofold; they are cherished moments to reflect on and remember years from now over a glass of wine and a forgotten photograph. They are also, dreams ready to be spun into words and images for a buyer to fall readily in love with.

Which is why we listen carefully to your fond recollections of fun times spent in the family kitchen as the children completed homework, danced to music and you baked birthday cakes. It’s why we pay extra attention when you point out the original stained-glass window on the half landing, and how it catches the light just so at dinner time.

Our bespoke brochures capture the essence of your home. They tell your home’s unique story, using your expert perspective and the carefully crafted words of our professional copywriter. Our accomplished photographer captures not only the very best angles of your home, but the lifestyle features that you tell us make it special. Our skilfully styled shoots showcase your home and the buyers’ dreams in technicolour, bringing them to life.

These brochures are designed to wow prospective buyers (and they do), but they play a far more important role in the moving process. When the last box has been loaded into the van and the key turns in the lock for the final time, you will have a keepsake to cherish for years to come. Your home’s individual, illustrated story, captured and preserved, of a time before the pictures were taken down, before the Mother’s and Father’s Day mugs were coddled in bubble wrap and before the wonky stool was placed in the van.

Your home might be a buyer’s dream, but for you it will always be in your heart…and on your coffee table.

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