Selling your house in 2023? Top tips for a brilliant Boxing Day launch

Boxing Day. The turkey is gone. The presents are open. The strong-willed amongst us are taking a bracing Boxing Day walk. By 3pm, most of us are on the sofa with our feet up watching TV or surfing the internet. You might be surprised to know how many of us spend Boxing Day online, searching for a new home…

The Boxing Day boom


Putting your house on the market at Christmas seems crazy. Busy buying gifts, planning meals and hosting family gatherings, it’s the season for festive fun. After all, amongst the piles of wrapping paper and sprouts, who has time for house hunting?

As it transpires, plenty of us do!

In 2021, Rightmove recorded its busiest ever festive period. Buyer demand shot up by 23% compared to 2020. 

The question on everyone’s lips is … will this festive season follow suit?

Despite the gloomy economic situation, there are no signs to say that it won’t. Buyer demand is still high. The promise of a new year and people wanting to make positive changes in life makes for an optimistic market.

If you’re thinking of selling your home in 2023, here’s how you can capitalise on this market of active house hunters to begin the new year with a bang.

Take advantage of the Christmas clean up


In the pre-Christmas run up, it’s the perfect time to give the home a good clean before the relatives arrive. You can take advantage of your extra efforts by having your professional photographer come to photograph your home once it’s sparkling, but before the decorations are up.

When the photographer visits, make sure to turn on all the lights, open the curtains and make the space as bright as you can to get the best possible photos.

Great images are crucial for catching buyers’ attention. Pictures full of Christmas decorations aren’t. They’ll date your listing and will need to be retaken very early in the new year to keep it looking fresh and ready for spring.

Showing your home looking bright and clean attracts prospective purchasers and helps them imagine themselves living in your house. Photograph it when you know it’s looking fresh, put together and ready for the party!

Don’t blow it with the budget

Don’t blow it with the budget

As the Boxing Day house hunters contently browse properties with a brew, their feet up and an open tin of Quality Street, they’ll not be looking at the pounds and pence of pricing.

When searching on Rightmove or similar sites, most people use round numbers for their budget figures. Perhaps they’re searching for homes valued between £400k and £500k. If you price your home at £399,995, it won’t appear in a search for £400k+ houses.

To help ensure your home appears in as many online searches as possible, it’s worth considering using round numbers when you set your price.

Add sparkle to your property description


At Christmas time, people often start to notice the things that aren’t ideal about their homes.
Perhaps the kids got loads of presents and parents feel like they need a bigger house for the growing mountain of stuff. Maybe the family has had a wonderful Christmas with visiting relatives and it’s made them decide they want to move house to be closer to each other.

Whatever their reason for moving, the property description for your home can make or break a potential buyer’s decision to book a viewing. Take the time to make sure yours isn’t drab…add some sparkle!

People buy new homes when they can imagine themselves living in the space. When the house feels as though it will bring them happiness. So ask yourself, what is it about your home that you love the most? 

A property description that simply repeats the facts about your house won’t stand out. Buyers will already know how many bedrooms your home has or whether you have a garden or garage. The things that will really make them want to book a viewing are the extra details you can share to help them get to know your property.

Perhaps your dining space is perfect for big, family gatherings. Maybe there are lovely, local walks you regularly take with the family. Perhaps you’ve lovingly restored some beautiful, original features.

Tell people all the things you love about your property. Be enthusiastic. Help them imagine how fabulous it would be to live in a home with all these gorgeous features!

Go into the New Year ready to sell!


Having all the marketing materials complete for your home, photographs taken and online listings live for a Boxing Day launch means that, when the New Year comes, you’re ready for viewings. 

Launching your home to the market on Boxing Day takes advantage of the boom in active house hunting over the festive season. With excellent marketing, you could have a line of people wanting to view your home as the New Year begins.

Here at Wainwrights, we’d love to help you create sparkling marketing to take your house to market this festive season. If you’re serious about selling in 2023 and would like your home to be part of the exclusive Wainwrights Boxing Day launch, get in touch.


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