We all know the way to a buyer’s heart: delivering showhome sparkle on that all important first viewing. Here are our top money-saving home makeovers to wow viewers.

Television makes home transformations look so simple – from Homes Under The Hammer to hit Netflix series The Minimalists. But more often than not, these terrific transformations come with a hefty price tag attached. What if you don’t have a never-ending supply of cash to throw at the project?

Well, don’t worry. We’re sharing our top home makeover tips that won’t cost you the earth. Inexpensive and attainable, our top tricks will help you transform your home even on the most modest of budgets.



Step one – find a muse. Source inspiration for your home makeover from lifestyle magazines such as Ideal Home and Stylist and fold pages of ideas or themes you like the look of. Anything from colour schemes to accessories like cushions.

Super saving hack: Instagram and Pinterest are full of pages dedicated to all things interior design and are a great pool of inspiration, without having to splurge on glossy magazines.


Decisions for your Money-saving home makeovers

Now you’re brimming with ideas, you’re raring to go. But wait. First you have some decisions to make. What will stay, and what needs to go.

Decluttering. It’s akin to going for a run on a rainy day. The thought of it is loathsome, but once the task is complete you know you’ll feel energised, elevated and awesome.

Go room to room, boxing up anything you no longer use or no longer like. Be brutal – if it’s not been used in 12 months, it’s got to go! It’s easy to accrue sentimental baggage over the years, but the decluttering is like ripping off a plaster. Once it’s gone, you’ll wonder why you hesitated in the first place.

Now that you’ve made a few trips to the tip and deposited anything that can be reused at local charity shops, not only will you feel the weight lift from your shoulders, your home will seem lighter too – free from clutter.

Any items you truly can’t bear to part with, pack away with a positive mindset ahead of your eventual move.

Super saving hack: make some money back on your no-longer useful items by listing them on local sell and seek sites or on apps such as Vinted. Use the money you make to buy home staging accessories for your ‘new look’ home.



Now the preparations are complete, the fun can begin!

With a little more space to manoeuvre, your pared back rooms are now ripe for rearranging. Take another flick through your home styling magazines or have a swipe through the Pinterest pages and search for rooms with a similar architectural design to yours.

Focus on how the photographer has arranged the furniture to pay homage to key features in the room, such as a fireplace or built in shelving. Mirrors are always a great way of reflecting light, so keep French doors clear of clutter to really maximise light and space.

Try to keep your furniture in keeping with the style of home. Dark, cherrywood antique sideboards in a modern semi can create discord and sap space.

Super-saving hack: invest in eco-friendly upcycling paint such as Frenchic to give your older items a speedy makeover. Much more cost-effective than investing in new furniture that may not go in your new home.



Rooms reorganised, it’s time to add some refining touches.

When viewers arrive, they want to visualise your home as their home, which means a blank canvas is ideal. This doesn’t mean you need to redecorate your home in magnolia, quite the contrary! If the latest craze for all things Scandi has taught us anything, it’s that minimalism works. Colour is great in small doses; think feature wall to celebrate a chimney breast. Used throughout your downstairs rooms it can also create a motif and help establish a sense of balance and flow. If you’re only painting one wall per room, the costs should stay low.

The aim is for crisp, clear spaces, so avoid getting too carried away with the accessorising, but a deftly placed cushion here and a scented candle there can really help set the mood. A bowl of fresh green apples in the kitchen and a low maintenance succulent on the bathroom windowsill can also work wonders without breaking the bank.

Super-saving hack: scour the sale rails at stores like John Lewis, Dunelm or even gems like TK Maxx for end of line wallpapers. Keep an eye out for textured designs such as horsehair and replace bold colours with tactile treats.

At Wainwrights, we love our local suppliers, so when you’re considering a home makeover, why not pick up some inspiration from some of our favourite shops:

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Happy home makeovers! Your viewers are in for such a treat…


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