If you were considering selling your home in 2020 but the current situation is making you think twice… don’t let it.

Think about the initial reason you made your decision… house is too small, too big, too expensive, not far from work, too far from family, too close to family… the list goes on and on. Whatever the reason don’t let COVID19 change your mind. Instead, why not utilise this time that we have been given to get some of the jobs on your to do list ticked off.

is your home sale ready

What better time to give your home a spring clean. Do the jobs you usually put off. Focusing on the little details now will set you apart from the other houses on the market when the time is right.

Go round your home room by room

go round your home room by room

Living room

The living room gets a lot of use from the whole family. Freshening up the fabrics is a great way to add some life back into the main living space. Wash the curtains either at home or have them dry cleaned. Clean and dust window blinds thoroughly and replace any rugs to bring out the best of the room.


You know what I’m going to say. We avoid it as much as possible but it has to be done. It is time to combat the oven! Not only will it visually improve the look of your kitchen, it will do wonders for the nasal senses too. After a well deserved brew, the fridge and freezer are another favorite to tackle. De-cluttering the cupboards will free up space and help you rearrange the kitchen features you want to highlight most.

Dining room

The dining room can hide lots of forgotten places, remember to dust off all the chair and table legs, every little helps. Having the table set to a good standard makes a large difference. Any fresh flowers from the garden or a nearby walk will lift the atmosphere no end.


Bed sheets soon succumb to the nightly wear-and-tear so why not replace them with a fresh set. A well matched throw can also add a little sparkle to the room. Clear out the wardrobes, if you haven’t worn it in the last 12 months you probably never will!


It takes a lot to keep us looking beautiful these days (!) but all of the families hair and skin care products can mount up. Tidy them away into convenient but hidden spaces, along with your regular cleaning products. Shining up showerheads and taps brings some sparkle back to the bathroom and dig deep to descale any glass surfaces.


With the weather picking up it’s a great time to do some good old yard work. Be merciless with any stray weeds cropping up in pathways or garden features. Keep the lawn mowed and tidy. A few flower pots positioned around patios or terraces will add colour. And not forgetting the dear garden shed, a spot of paint will revitalise the beloved family member and help lift the standard of the entire garden.


One of the first things anyone sees when they approach your home is the driveway. It is worth investing in a jetwash for a thorough clean or hire a professional to take care of it for you. You’ll be surprised at the difference it will make. If the brickwork is looking a little tired then re-grouting will soon sharpen up the entire look. A few carefully positioned solar lights make for a pleasing evening feature.


So pat yourself on the back for all the hard work done! Now you’ve got into the swing of it, there’s a few more general points to keep in mind.

Wash the doors and window frames with soap and water. Go through and check all lighbulbs are working. Replace that wonky door handle or shelf you’ve been meaning to get around to. Use multi-scent plug in air fresheners, linen fresh in the hallways and porch area always a good choice. Hire a specialist to deep clean the carpets and you’ll be all set.

Some of these might seem like small things but they all add up to creating a great impression. It shows attention to detail and that you really care for your home, so potential buyers will too.

Now that’s the home, what about your paperwork

get the paperwork ready

Just getting your house ready isn’t the only thing you need to do. To ensure your house is 100% sale-ready, you will need the conveyancing process to have been started as early as possible, plus your solicitor to provide a full breakdown of the costs and fees involved with them helping you sell the property. You will also need to discuss the process with your mortgage lender to see if your current deal can be transferred to your new property, or if something else will be required.

The potential buyers will also need building certificates and guarantees for likes of double-glazed windows and the boiler. So, when you set about getting your home ready to impress buyers, make sure you have all the paperwork ready to go when one of those buyers decides to buy.

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