It’s time to move on. But what do you do with all the love you’ve poured into your home over the years? Easy – you use it to help win your buyer’s heart!

Falling in love is the easy bit, saying goodbye is the hard part. Buying and selling your home can be an emotional rollercoaster.

Your home’s story


What was once a blank canvas now wears the story of your life on its walls: marriage, births, pets and more. From first day at school photos beside the front door to Christmas mornings opening presents by the glow from the log-burner, every inch of your home is covered in memories. Even the door frame where you recorded the height of your first born, age 0-5.

Perhaps it’s taken you six cycles to find the perfect paint scheme for your living room; the one that catches the light best. You’ve rearranged the dining room furniture umpteen times in order to position the table perfectly in order to capture the best view of the garden.

Planted with memories

Planted with memories

The garden itself? Planted with memories of summer water fights; of spying the first daffodil of spring; sparklers in autumn. Extra special white-Christmas winters spent building snowmen.

Memories decorate every corner of your home. And it can be hard to say goodbye. But when your home no longer fits your needs, it’s time to start again.

But, what if by celebrating your memories and bringing your home’s story to life, you could win the heart of a new buyer?

Your home’s next buyer could well be another version of you; bound by the same hopes and dreams you once had when viewing. Perhaps the pink confetti of the flowering cherry blossom tree in the front garden that stole your heart will also steal theirs?

Or maybe it’s the view from your bedroom window of the rosy gold sunrise in winter, with the snow-topped fells in the distance? The one you pause to admire, fingers curled around that first cuppa of the day whilst still in your pyjamas.

Fall in love with the fairytale


Buyers don’t choose a home based on the proximity of power points to the bedside table, or because there is a single panelled radiator in the entrance hall. They choose it for the romance.

We fall in love with the fairytale. The lifestyle. We fall in love with the kitchen island with its pull-out spice rack filled with the fragrant promise of dinner parties and laughter with friends. The Aga emanating warmth and the succulent scent of Sunday roasts.

Let your buyer fall in love with the prospect of summer picnics at the crook of the river that is only a five-minute stroll from your doorstep; the local pub where a brass band plays Christmas carols on Boxing Day. Let them fall in love with the lifestyle your home offers. Because you did.

Magical marketing


So don’t miss the opportunity to capture all of that magic in your home’s marketing. Make sure your photographs reflect the lifestyle. Pick the perfect words that describe not only the physical contents of your home but the poetry of its soul too. Capture an evocative picture of your home that helps feed the buyer’s desires, plays on their emotions and makes them truly pause for thought and take stock of the enormous impact your home will have on their happiness.

Action points! Write a list of what it is that you love about your home, and why you will miss it. Not only will this be a cathartic process for you, it will be a catalyst for your estate agent to pave the way to a successful sale. Walk around your home, room by room and take the time to consider what your home truly means to you. It could make all the difference.

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