why an estate agent is the best negotiator

Why an agent is the best negotiator

An independent, experienced agent can skillfully navigate the complexities of a property sale. Here is why. Price A prospective buyer of your property will do their best to hide their feelings and motivations. They may absolutely love your home, but they won’t say this directly to you when negotiating a price. The agent, however, will…Read More→


Home buying tips for millennials

Millennials are growing up fast. They now account for 35% of the property market and 65% of those are first-time buyers. Whilst getting on the housing ladder poses challenges for the younger generations, it’s important to keep in mind the five following points: How are your finances? Be prepared when you take that trip to…Read More→

Don’t drop your asking price

Don’t drop your asking price

Selling a home can be really exciting when you’re getting viewings and offers. But when things go quiet and you find yourself trying to remember when your last viewing was, it can be disheartening. If you ask your estate agent for their advice to improve the interest in your home, they’ll almost always suggest a…Read More→

Main blog image – Dress your home

Dress your home to impress your viewers

When your house is for sale, it’s exciting to get a viewing booked. After all, that viewer could become a buyer! It’s important then to make sure your house is looking its absolute best, and dressed to impress, so we’ve created a three-step guide to make it easy for you to get the important things…Read More→


Our new arrival

Our beautiful baby boy was a month old this week! Jacob you have stolen our hearts forever. The most amazing month, lots of nappies and little sleep but we wouldn’t change a thing. We are truly blessed. Being an entrepreneur mum has it’s challenges but I wouldn’t change it for the world. With the help…Read More→

Main blog image – How to choose the right estate agent

How to choose the right estate agent

So you’ve boxed up a whole load of clutter, you’ve fixed that annoying dripping tap and buffed and polished your home. Well done! Now comes what for some sellers feels like a really challenging task: choosing your estate agent.   Most sellers invite three estate agents to give them an expert valuation, and discuss marketing…Read More→

B2 – Should you look before you sell?

Should you look before you sell?

Or sell before you look? When you think about moving house, do you worry about finding a home even better than yours? You’re not alone. Many of our Wainwrights clients feel the same way. And a really common question we get is, “Should we find first, or sell first?” It’s a great question, and we’re…Read More→

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Coming home

Houses are composed of bricks and mortar, and are described in square feet and pound signs.  Homes are full of future dreams and hopes, of family Christmases, and special birthdays; of engagement proposals, football failures and trophies, niggling arguments and comforting hugs.  They are made up of your life. When the time comes that your home no longer…Read More→